• jcamp842 10w

    Are you Real?

    Hello? Are you there? I have thoughts I'd like to share. I believe your one of a kind, quite peerless, quite rare, like no other, beyond compare. But to my despair distance stands between us making life quite unfair. If I had the choice I'd choose to fall asleep every night to your voice, and as soon as I wake all of you I start to anticipate. I just find everything about you so titillating, Your peerless personality thats so captivating. Thoughts of you I find so easily stimulating. But I've caught feelings so fast I feel like hesitating/ contemplating especially the thought of "are you even real?" Someone real to touch, to hold, to voluptuously feel? Or maybe your merely a figment of my salacious imagination one so surreal. Even if your real would my concupiscence even be something you'd be able to subside? Is your true happiness something you'll allow me to provide? May all your wants, needs and sexual desires be for me to ultimately satisfy? Will I be allowed to keep you forever till the day I die? Is it possible one day you'll call me your wife? Or perhaps true happiness is simply nothing more than a Fairytale lie...
    ~Jess D.