• unclesna 10w


    The concept of the spiritual realm are a misinterpretation by to many ignorant and negatively driven people.
    I ghost them

    I dislike debating about political and religious agenda honestly to me has no purpose and only a detour to actual facts of reality..
    So I ghost it.

    Alot of critics me included (seriously one time in life 4b all this) had carrie hate everyday ,envy everyone and everything, was even jealous of someone close to me I know.
    I knew it needed be Ghosting

    And above it all, I ignorantly shut EVERYBODY i knew or close to Out of my Life because I thought everyone was out to get me.. stupid really but knew it was weakening me so...
    I ghost myself to understand

    which whom I considered family had cause devastation all around me,
    and ones I love which leaded to war.
    Is that something we talk about maybe, please?? &no we should not ghost this

    I say politicians and religious groups are amongst the biggest liars in history. I apologize for saying so but just look at the history books PLeaZe....b4 you shun me like a ghost and spook of the facts cause they hate that its me taking the next step looking back to see their them. they were completely ghosted.

    Understand please, and know without any disrespect to other religions that i myself is anew and now a pupil of the Buddhist teaching (Gautama Buddha), just like history, we as humanity will always try to understand the true purpose of the meaning of life,
    imagining how our future will establish itself without you being here.. ghosted by history

    Must be true to yourself 1st,
    one must understand you and your placement for this physical state you are in tangled in, just know its only stages of multiple testament. If pass.
    You will understand truth.
    Success which will enlighten you the meaning of Living in yourself. Ghost to ourself will develop acknowledge of the facts.

    We are just lost without guidance from the love ones you now assume are the reasoning behind your failures are only thought and was never true. So to be stuck in the interloper of space and time are part of the universal cycle and patience is key to happiness which brings love.