• the_hypnotised_cat 5w


    The skies whispered and the cosmos enchanted.
    Seeds of progress need to be planted.
    In bursts of nebulas, in fields of magnetars.
    In brilliance of pulsars, in power of neutron stars.
    Rays of hope sparkled our conscience..
    Nature lighted the path we achieved the guidence..
    Humanity traversed it's journey facing each and every hurdle.
    The path wasn't easy for sure but we made it through.
    With continuous struggle marvels were achieved..
    Mystries were unravelled demons were deceived.
    Yah, demons of ignorance rusting our existence.
    Banging our subtle beliefs with absolute persistence..
    Helping us through was our confidence..
    So called undue risks provided the guidence..
    Thoughts became theories, imagination turned into formulas.
    Universe told it's story humanity framed the laws..
    Creativity became the tool mind was the mason..
    Experiments were the bricks laying the foundation..
    Buildings of progress created through hustle.
    With our own abilities we always scuffle..
    With advancements, dangers tapped us too.
    But that's the only way progress comes through.