• ake_too 9w

    faded illusions

    The little kid curled up tightly in bed.
    not rising not even for a bite of bread.
    bolt crackles prodromal to storms ahead.
    little one in fantasy lands from books he had read.
    celestials, greek and roman myths riding unicorns wherever his dreams led.
    completely oblivious, relieved from intense dread.
    danger grew near defenseless boy and creatures are about to be fed.
    seeking refuge in fiction and illusions he might aswell have fled.
    he knew he could get far,though never from their reach no matter how much he sped.
    the poor thing almost drowned from all the tears he had shed.
    all the repressed fear came rushing through and courage took it's stead.
    creatures fell back in shock and in all directions at once spread.
    he yanked one fleeing and with a slash it was dead.
    maybe there was a chance at mercy if only it pled.
    facing the wave of beings, absorbed the view then he tread.
    they came at him but he wasn't the one that bled.
    peace at last, at every corner lays a chopped head.
    now his coat is stained with his favorite shade of red.