• rdphilippi 34w

    You will hunt for me in every woman you see.
    As you kiss new skin, you will think of me.
    When you see her body, you will think of mine.
    How cooperative it was to you, how well it listened.
    You may even compare me to the one after that
    ...and then the next one
    ...then the next one.
    When you kiss new lips, you will remember mine.
    The way my teeth held your lip as I toyed with your psyche.
    New hands will never compare to my touch.
    No hips will sway as mine did for you.
    You will search for my soul for the rest of your days
    and try to find someone to love you the way I did.
    But you will never be satisfied.
    Try as you may,
    you will never find a woman
    Who is me.

    Good luck.