• _the_unkhaien_alfaaz_ 6w

    And then we move ahead and apart

    That day was atlast the last one⚡
    That moment.that time was then known as our final one⚡
    That final hour was then ours⚡
    Which is now remembered watering those blossoming flowers⚡
    Those text messages are now deleted⚡
    But your name is still repeated⚡
    Beneath the shed of withstanding misunderstanding⚡
    My heart still aches and wonders like where we are standing⚡
    Still and erect we are with a fire of egotism⚡
    I think we have lost the sense of affectionism⚡
    That we once had with infinite love in our vision⚡
    Deep inside the heart we felt alive in our precision⚡
    But then the shiny days became dark nights⚡
    And our lovely talks became harsh fights⚡
    And that's how we moved ahead and apart⚡
    Fearing to meet someone ever and restart⚡