• sonic_tonic_co 9w

    Steady as she comes.

    The way I feel, is the way I heal,
    A bed of sand to rest my reasoning,
    Happily, deliberately curatus,
    I lost expectation, but in the search found patience, perched between two worlds, held in tetra firma, dense and logical, to
    Wading in the shores of aurifex aedilis, uncertainty never stays, stability seldom come, Stranded sitting, winds settle.
    On horizons I watch diligently,
    ever anticipating, reasoning.
    Softening curling waves forecast doubt,
    Shorelines ebb and flow, and from time to time silence shares my occupation,
    Which is the way of the wind? I trust it fills our sails, and white clouds return to greet me with disbelief, yet conflictingly belief has bestow upon me that fact that we may, one day, captain that fine ship.