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    This is the first installment of my city broke series that I will be releasing on Mirakee. Hope you enjoy!! The first one is very short and prompt.

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    City Broke Part 1.

    Whole lot of nothing, not much time.
    I'm city broke, yeah I'm city broke.

    Shuffling from place to place.
    Unsteady and it feels like a race.
    To the bottom we go, and to the bottom we stay.
    Everytime we fall, we look up to God and pray.
    In the city, we wish we was in the countryside
    On the bus blasting Yelawolf raps about Chevys.
    City slick, nothing that I am, broke that's what I am.
    City broke, and a bunch of junkies who don't give a damn.

    A whole lot of nothing. Ain't got no time.
    Minimum wage pinching. Ain't pay rent on time.
    I'm city broke.
    I'm city broke.
    Eviction notice, running out of time.
    Live with no purpose, waste of time.
    I'm city broke.
    Im city broke.