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    Title- Watch him vanish thro the blue
    Word meanings
    Thro- through
    Dost- do
    Thou- you
    Believeth- believe in ( archaic form like many old words i use).
    O'er- over

    Thinking my last poem for 2017 if not here on New year's remember to help newcomer's grow love and forgive another always as God's both. Goodnight!

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    He's a freebird, dost thou seest,
    watch his feather's glide in the
    wind, believeth. Believeth he'll
    soar o'er the blue so true,
    believeth he'll fly beyond
    his pains that hang onto
    His wing's; he's letting go,
    so watch him go, without
    a trace to heaven's winds.

    © Brandon nagley
    © Lonesome poets poetry