• riyabhagtani 22w

    We're so into being fake that it feels real. Most of us don't know who we really are. We live in a world with status being "BEYOUtiful" and end but trying to be "Beautiful". Just stop and think, we're running this life where no one is actually winning. Because when the game of life is about to end, you're alone. And eventually we all assume we won. But hey, the sad truth is that we didn't. We all have one adventure that we don't take. We all have one unsaid "I love you". One unsaid "No". One unsaid "Please go". One hate word that destroyed her life. One move that shattered everything. One hope that built up everything. One message you wish you'd have never sent. One date you wish you'd have never gone on. One answer you wish you'd have learnt. One dream that you wish you were aware of. One love that you wish you'd never have fallen for. One person you wish you knew the worth of. One game you wish you were the part of. One participation you wish were the winner of. One win you wish you were the forever of.