• bluewolf 9w

    I hope someone can relate to this and take it as a sign to do what they have been putting off. I know it hurts but you'll grow and prosper so much without them❤

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    Mr. Game master and his game Love (full version)

    Trying to love you was a losing game for me. We started off like lovers even though we were not. You told me that you loved me all the time and made sure I knew that you wanted me, and I the same. However, when I presented you the wonderful gift of letting us be actual lovers and giving us what we both wanted you just threw my offer away. It hurt me so badly of course but I still choose to love you. I still held onto the idea of us being together that I ignored ever single red flag for the past six years. When I finally decided I'd had enough and expressed how I felt you say that even though your with someone new there is no love loss, but I feel the love loss and distance between us. I now realize that in order for me to prosper and find a new love I must let this game you call love go. I have to kill the romantic feelings I have for you by burning it all out of me. I can't keep giving my all and then some to a person who can't do the same for me. All you give me is confusion, depression, and heartache over longing for an illusion of love that you deem to be the real version. They say the game isn't over til the game master says so. Well I'm sorry to burst your bubble but I'm deciding here and now that this is over and I no longer want to be a pawn made to believe I'm a Queen. I am and will always be the QUEEN regardless of what you say or think. "Loving you is a losing game" a game I've decided to no longer play or entertain because your always the one that ends up laughing and winning while I'm crying and dying for you. Always and only for you.