• lostandfuckedup 5w

    He said,
    "Let us meet again on Sunday.
    Around 5
    When the sky turns gray."

    It was the first time
    I met a complete stranger.
    But as soon as I saw him
    I knew I was sure out of danger.

    We talked about Adele
    We sang some of our favorite lines.
    It made me little gawky
    Maybe he got some of the signs.

    He said, "Hey relax.
    Please make yourself at home."
    Knowing not what to say
    I continued staring at the dome.

    I asked, "who's this guy in the picture?"
    He said, "He is Bob Dylan.
    He's the only smoker I love to hear.
    Do you want to listen?"

    I nodded as he took out his tab
    And he played 'Who Killed Davey Moore'.
    "Listen to this Gambler's verse,
    So poignant it is, I wanna listen more"

    He said, "Don't you think?
    How beautifully Bob Dylan writes!"
    I said, "Yeah really!"
    While the dark covered the day lights!

    I told him about the bases and home run
    He said, "Oh, I didn't know. So naive! "
    "It's okay", I said. "Hey, its 7 pm already! "
    To which he said, "Ahh I wish I could skive!"

    That's when we said goodbyes
    Not knowing if we will meet again.
    That's when he asked "Sunday 5?"
    I smiled and said, "Yeah. Alright then."