• voiceo 6w

    A glimpse from philippians 4:6-7

    God want us to worship Him by asking everything from Him and not others.
    From this scripture it's clear there's tendency for any of us to become anxious, fearful or troubled
    That's why men of faith would say; faith isn't the absence of fear but ability to do what fear held bond in our heart.

    When fear gains ground it comes with sorrow and bitterness
    It envelope ones life with hatred and anger
    Therefore for us to achieve verse 7, which is the peace of God, you must do away with the demon in verse 6

    "Verse7 : And the peace of God, which is deeper than all knowledge, will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus".
    That <and> symbolise afterwhich....

    After which you have learnt to do without fear... and start talking to God about all things in prayer through faith by thanksgiving you will enjoy the peace of God concerning all things. And this will affect your tripartite being.
    Note:Every worry obey the Word of God.