• lillith 9w

    Damn Mess

    Damn this mess. Pieces of me scattered buried deep. Cant control my shot dead head. Lashing out seems to be its favorite pass time. Using my sour tongue as a tissue. Spoiling cooked raw meat. Bloody is a sweeter treat. Slip and slide coming. Make sure you can fit between six sticky sticks. Tricks up their sleeves. Taking up the weeds. Feeling the need to roll up and maybe take a slight toke. Hold. Catch your incernrated ashes. Is your brain tingling. Sending the tumbling rocks to hide. Inside your spine. Are you ready. Exhale. Feel the pain ride on such a high. You wnt ever survive. Me blowing your mind. As I explore your body. Nose down to your skin. Stifting all your pores. Counting very little hair. Absorbing my favorite inhale. Drinking ounces of you. As I crawl around the waves of your insides. Sewing you like a shoes. Book marking holes as I go. So I can return any time I feel.