• queen_f_loyalty 10w

    Memory Of YOU

    I Have Asked The Pounding Beats
    Of My Heart
    On Passing Time,,
    Where Is My Love???
    Forgetting Myself I Constantly❤❤
    Recite His Name....
    I Asked My Heart,,
    Where Are His Vibes
    I Cant Imagine
    Myself Without You!!!
    Every Thought Of Mine Is
    About Our Tale Of Love❤❤
    I Am In You....
    Waiting For You....
    The Truth Is Walked
    Hand-in-Hand With You!!!
    You Are In The Depths
    Of My Heart ❤❤
    You Are A Part Of Me
    And My Whole World
    Your Love Is The Melody
    That Keeps Me Going
    Let The Tireless Journey
    End When I Reach You....