• grief_into_words 9w

    Leaning my head on the darker side,
    Painting the sheets with watery eyes.
    The breeze howling his name in the silence,
    Mistaking the coal for all the diamonds.
    Rain drops on my pane reaching out to me,
    Filling up my heart and emptying the sea.
    And why does it seem like it’s gonna rain forever,
    Drought on my mind, always having the same weather.
    Picturing my running thoughts, embracing the lies,
    Chasing all that matters and crushing those butterflies.
    The screams in my head speak softly to me,
    Letting me drown in it thus drying up the sea.
    It’s all just In your head is what everyone say,
    But we’ll, just keeping it in the head is not a child’s play.