• poeticsoul1 35w

    Save A Space For Me

    May is steadfastly approaching
    A mixed bag of emotions rattle my brain
    This is the time that we were preparing, 11 years ago
    Our moments with dad on Earth, were winding down
    God, tonight it feels like it was yesterday
    Doctors said to just talk, "Tell him everything you need to say, he can still hear you!"
    So I did, I spoke with my usual sass, mustering up courage I never knew I possessed
    The conversation between us is one I replay during these waves of grief
    It was the single most important chat we had ever had before, though it was me rambling
    I watched your chest rise and fall, eyes closed but when you smirked, I knew you were still in there
    Sometimes the feel of your hand in mine seems so real still
    The rough hewn leathery touch, worn over time
    The same hand that held mine when I'd wake up afraid in the middle of the night
    The same hand that days later, I would hold for the last time
    You had already shed the body riddled with cancer, free in Heaven
    And in that perfect place, you save a space for me
    One day I'll join, and the weight from my heart will be lifted
    No more sadness of goodbye.