• le_parrain 6w

    I'm sure we have all heard the term
    Give unto ceaser what is due onto ceaser
    But how much is understood by that saying
    For it seems not many clearly understand what it means
    Simple put if a man works for something give him his just reward
    But life has changed so drastically that it seems persons are just trying manipulate each other
    Still treating us like we're still slaves
    Who have to do as their master commands without anything in return
    Each day we're insulated, disrespected and mistreated by persons
    Whom we've never met or even know to an extent
    But all this is bearable for as long as we're given our due diligence
    But now in a time like this the ones who we work for whom we expect to have our backs
    Once we work for what we are due
    Are the ones who see it fit to disrespect us and insult us the most
    In a way only meant for slaves
    After working so hard for days and sometimes nights
    Putting aside our own personal interest at times
    Just to ensure that targets are met and the job is completed
    So that when it comes the end of the work week
    We are all united in peace and harmony with a smile
    As we say it was a long and tier sum task but totally worth the struggle
    But why do they see it fit not to maintain such peace
    That brings out the best in it's works
    But rather the break down and disfunction along the chain of production
    I honestly feel it's to be respected being a message from the bible itself
    To all generations then, now and to come
    Just give unto ceaser what is due unto ceaser

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