• whitequeen 5w

    Ruby red liquor of fresh poison green, the blood moon of death and divinity,the clock turns slow at hours unknown, seconds to hours, the scribbled walls of hell space of burning fires and Thunder's grace, the angry faces of a darker shade of the yellow and jade. Monsters, devils, half closed eyes, sleep deprived, alleys of nightmares high, of visions and visionaries of ghosts and non functionaries of beckoning screams of unjust happenings, cries of help of murder mysteries of the light, a method unknown, a killer not human, in the cathedral of Christ. Dark brown hat, a cigarette half burnt, a guy named karma in golden tux, justice justice, yet not served, A slight part of lips, a sigh unheard, eyes moist, smile crooked to the side here to say the words of pride, 'Don't look back in anger, if you wanna stride' or 'Die to the wishes of the divine'