• preethiscot 5w

    The copious amounts of being around the world
    I'm the one vehemently protesting the silence
    Onto the darkness of vivacious happiness
    Behind the dark chamber of my life
    Being a vivid out of sojourn people around me
    The darkest hours are intriguing enough rages
    On the mode of cosiness within the euphoric
    Uncovering the feelings to be a perfect one

    To the world that summons for being alone
    Haplessly wondering about living solitary
    Abiding the people's bond with fake drama
    Instead of seeking a fake, loyal to be in dark
    In solitude to feel the pleasure of unfazed stuffs
    Brag urself that no one will shake ur hands
    on successes besides find ur blushes on ur heart
    Be a perfect fit to be feel the solitary life!��


    Solitude is a spirit of happiness!❤️


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    Alone making me solace with dark
    Though smooching happily
    accompanied with solitary.
    Significant role of being's life
    showcasing the sojourn in
    the world!