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    The cliché stories from movies or the acts of love, crossing seven rivers, fierce love, taking rounds around you are so soothing, they give you an idea of romance.
    When the reality hits you, you can see.
    There are no mornings in the mustard farm, no blooming flowers kissing each other. You can see people sitting in those farms taking their morning shit.
    There are no gloomy noons in the desert, all you can see is a fierce tornado with sand, where you can't survive because you see water nowhere.
    There are no evenings with the perfect sunset with someone who gives you a feeling of being home.
    There are no moon nights without mosquitoes where you can sleep under the stars.
    Travelling is expensive, what If the person for whom you crossed these rivers doesn't wants you?
    What if the fire in his love burns your face?
    There's no such thing as passion or fierce love, it's all illusion that one creates.
    We settle with a mediocre person, who barely takes our breathe away. We just breathe, eat and do chores with that partner.
    You might woo her, you might swoon her, you might do things that no one has. But at the end of the day, she won't like adventures.
    She will just sip a coffee, she wouldn't take a leap.
    Adventures scare her because she has fallen hard before in this illusion, she won't.
    She's finishing her favourite book which she has read 10 times, but she's not willing to read you again. She's afraid to open the closed chapter.
    She knows, the Storm is awaiting for her but she choose to close the doors and hide your illusion in the chamber of her darkest secrets.
    You aren't worth the pain she went through, she ain't a teenage no more.
    Don't do this to her, don't make her feel the way she used to, she's capable of ruining you this time.
    Let her sleep, let her go.

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