• yash_kashyap 31w

    The Portrait

    A portrait of you, rests in my mind.

    I see there;

    The pale skin of yours dignified by the calm brightness of the sun, against which the cool, placid breeze caresses your hair, compelling it to flutter through your chirpy, ecstatic face, making a window of uneven bars that tickle the comely eccentricity of your face in a subtle way.

    You sit at the shore, alone, wetting your feet, causing uneven ripples at the surface of the chilled, blue water, that too shines off a beam of sun at your visage, causing your eyes to shrink and glitter due to the water forced out of them.

    The colors, all placed beautifully, bring out every essence of the picture. Still, I could feel a pinch of blemish in there.

    I think, I might complete it!