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    Happy mother's day to all the MOTHERS!!! The world adores you!!!

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    They once asked me," What is your greatest achievement yet?"

    "To be born to her, for her!"

    "I might even climb the Mount everest; or swim down the mariana trench...But without knowing she supports me fully- it's impossible...!!

    Being a mother is a boon...But being a mother's daughter- is incomparable..!

    Being scolded by someone, for my faults- is a boon...

    Being someone's *Only World* is an achievement...

    Being someone's heartbeat- is a boon!

    Being for that someone is a BLESSING!

    And being that *Someone*'s SOMEONE is sheer luck!!

    The greatest achievement, I have accomplished, is by making her read this & putting a heart whelming smile on her face..."
    I replied...