• anonymous_droid 9w

    My child

    In my head exist a puzzle, in my mind a sense of
    Deep in me i know i'm troubled
    The answer to my puzzle ? My path to success
    The source of this calmness, undecipherable
    My life long dream, the source of my trouble
    Reality knocks, no answer forthcoming
    Should i be happy ? My child is coming

    Forgive me my child, if ever i fail you
    I wish i could be , the stairs to your glory
    The result of my hard work, i hoped. u would see
    To make you learn from all my troubles
    We all are receptive, to stories of success
    To stories of failures, our ears are deaf
    The story of this failure, i hope you will hear

    My eyes after death, forgive my failure
    Yes I know, a path to be made
    For you my child, to ease your troubles
    Oh my child, forgive your father
    A path you must carve, you alone
    The path I've taken, you must not follow
    The way to success, I hope u find

    The joy of my life, I hope u listen
    The liquor of failure have captured your father
    The path I travel, it is sold aplenty
    My journey is not over, my end is near
    The path I've taken, success may travel
    Forgive me my child, if I fail you
    When others scorn, and call me a failure
    I hope u smile, and learn from my failures