• quotesxmetanoia 23w

    Always work with an ambition. Speed without direction is nothing they say. And to know the direction you must have an ambition. Work for a cause and not money; trust me it'll always make you more happy. Travelling doesn't make sense if you don't have a destination to reach. Yes the road is going to be tough but the moment you reach the top the view will be beautiful and soothing. Challenges will always be there. Don't run. Fight. They make the journey more interesting . They're partying at weekends? Nevermind. You'll enjoy at your success party. And you'll be so proud of yourself. If you like however you are don't ever try to change just for people's sake. And if don't then try to change until you like yourself. As it is better to get up at 5 and work out rather then looking in mirror and not liking what you see. Love, esteem, confidence become more important when you add self to them. Give importance to these. For these are the things which'll take you to the apex. And can smash you to ground when over replaces self. Anything in excess is harmful. Remember. Stay grounded. Work hard. Your parents didn't spend so much money and time in bringing you up to see you spending more money on your girlfriend/boyfriend. This is the time. Know your priorities. Understand the difference between wants and needs.