• ifynoella 9w

    The will of an abused child.

    I wish you never left me out to sleep on cold corridor.
    I wish you didn't hit or insult me in the presence of others.
    I wish you never treated me like I was not an offspring.
    I wish you never hit me hard that blood gushed from my skin.

    I wish you gave me chance to express my self.

    I was a child with a beautiful vibe and dream.
    Outspoken but you suppress and kill my voice.

    You reprimanded me more than you rewarded me.
    Now I live in fear and yet you compare me to others.

    As a child I hit the earth void.
    Nature and nurture got me like this.
    But nurture was the most.

    You saw me more like a helpless and hopeless thing rather than a human.

    Don't ever judge me.
    For I will never give you chance to.
    You helped me grow tough skin when you were tough on me.

    I wish you raised me with love.

    If you will let me speak my mind.
    I will tell you, you would have done better.