• luminella 10w


    What's happening
    Why we fading away
    We not so long ago happy thee other day
    But what about today
    Feeling like I caused it
    That I got to admit
    Why it's like we stuck in an inescapable pit
    I care for you
    I wanna be there when you blue
    But what are we gonna do
    We no more sticking together like glue
    And you know that's true
    You showed me love when I never knew what it was
    Even though I need you physically
    I'll be okay with the distance
    I know I'm a lot of work
    I know sometimes I can be a jerk
    But please bear with me
    Unless u can't and wanna be set free
    But I love you too much to let you go
    But if it will make u happy I will do so
    But just know I loved now, tomorrow and long time ago.