• rubybluethebeatpoet 10w

    Bat Magic

    I Love those Stars that Shine so bright,
    Above Glistening river
    Reflecting streams of light,
    The Day asleep awakes the Night,
    Lays to Bed my Eternal fight,
    Nothing now Wrong my World turns right,
    Breathing in Power from Nature's Might,
    A Bat Talks of Transition in his overhead flight,
    Frightening at First reviewing past lives,
    Breaking Old Patterns from Akashic Archives,
    Greater Sensitivity of perceptive Skills,
    Higher Communication and Bonds that Thrill,
    Psychic Power and New ideas,
    To Observe the Unseen without any Fear,
    Dive straight to the Truth,
    What do my Dreams mean?
    Waking up from this Life
    My illusory Dream.