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    It's your b'day! So here goes a birthday dedication to my greatest friend here.

    I remember. Your display was a blurred dp with fairy lights. Your display was the reason we talked for the first time. Time is so transient! From then till now.
    We saw so many things, together. I don't even know how old you are (don't hate me for that) but I do remember your b'day. You met an accident, harsh & painful. I was afraid about your health but you did the best care, I hope. Hope was what I can do.

    It was a day which related to Heart's Health and you asked me to take care of my heart! I didn't know there are people like you. When a girl was raped in Hathras and then back to back. We both were depressed. We were hit badly. We still are. They say words are not enough to change this world until you apply them in your life. I believe, your words reflect you. Your words have the capacity to change ill-minded ones. You were not active that time but out of nowhere you asked me to take care. I didn't believe in virtual friendships but now I do, just because of people like you!

    We lost our friend but we never did. You were there asking me to pour out everything running in my head. I knew you were affected too, the way I was.
    But hope kept us together. From sharing music playlists to learning Gujarati phrases. I admire them all. Thanks for being there always! (A summary of the things I know about you)

    //He can write about "three words of happiness",
    You will believe that it's truth and you will meet with the reality in th end. The best thing about him.
    No happy endings. Only beautiful dreams.
    He can make you fall in love with "the child inside him." No matter what you should not distant yourself from the child inside you. There's a hero in all of us. You have one inside you. He is so good at observations, from CHAPAAK to TAARE ZAMEEN PAR. He is so so talented. No doubt. No one can tame the one in your mind. His understandings of relationships to writing a letter to his lost friend. He has so much inside him. The dedication to our soldiers and India's culture. He nailed it everywhere. From "superheroes" To "imagination". All of them has my heart! From "self motivation" to opening the doors of thinking" he always stood the same.//

    He writes placidly. So this suggestion for you: "theplacidink". I apologize for not being there when you needed me, I apologize If I ever hurted you, If I ever disappointed you! I hope whatever you do, be happier in your life. Wishing good health and present to you. There will be many who will ask you to forget about your past or wish good about your future. I wanna wish about your present. Live today. Laugh now, cry later. Procrastinations are not bad always. You can procrastinate your cries. You can enjoy your life. You can speak about yourself. You can seek help. There will be many who will judge you but don't pay a crap to them. Make your parents proud.

    P.S. I told you I suck at friendships..maybe :))
    I ruined this...sorry!���� (mapha karajo)

    A phrase you taught me: " Tamane maline ananda tha'i" (Glad to meet you) and I can understand Gujarati now.. Not a pro..but one day I will be.

    ©anush18 --> @gautam1211 ( Happy B'day)

    *It's 6:41*

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