• lynnprinn 6w

    I watched a movie today.
    It was beautiful.
    It was painful.
    It was love.
    And it was anguish.
    The soundtrack stung.
    My tear drops were sharp.
    I sat there like a love struck puppy.
    And then I sat there falling apart.
    It was everything I’d ever wanted.
    It was everything I’ve always pictured us to be.
    It was everything I’ve always imagined and more, it was us being free.
    The passion, the fire.
    The intensity and desire.
    The souls thats were merging as one.
    This beautiful love story just unraveled and begun.
    The adventures and journeys.
    Riveting.. but my stomach was turning.
    I felt that knot in the middle of my throat.
    Their world was good. Steady. Staying afloat.
    One person messed up. I knew they would.
    Separated.. it all just fell apart.
    I knew it wasn’t over. That couldn’t be the end.
    It was just a matter of time till they were to meet again.
    Just a matter of time till someone reaches out and makes it right.
    My eyes pooled again.
    Blurring my sight.
    I watched a movie today.
    It was beautiful, right from the start.
    It tore at my heart strings and briefly made my world fall apart. .