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    Again a long one sweet souls��
    Bear me with this plzzz��

    A common emotion, that we all have, that makes us similar, connected to each other, and we can all relate to is " PAIN "

    So this one is dedicated to my Most Beloved, My Most Beautiful Pain....!


    With only disgrace and hatred, It is always being looked upon,
    With a forceful place in each heart,
    In each life can be found, its traces and stain...
    With such rude behaviour of we humans towards it,
    Don't you think,
    Pain - Might also feel Pain....!

    Pain and Tears, Pain and Grief, Pain and Sorrow,
    Pain and Problems, Pain and Depression....
    We humans think it is, ' Match Made In Heaven.'
    Writers often stresses their Pen so much on paper, while writing this word 'Pain', that the nib breaks, the ink spreads and that paper, is shackled with verses of only Darker shades of life!

    But is this Pain (be it any) so much Painful in real?
    No, it is not. Pain is always Beautiful.

    With a little change in perception, its beauty can be seen and felt. Pain gives us a reason to breathe, a reason to live, when we are almost numb and lifeless, without any hopes or any way to go. When some Bitter Past, those happy days, chokes are heart, suffocates our soul, It is that Pain - Those Memories, which brings back life to us, when with heavy flow from our eyes, also breaks a little smile, which allows us to regain our lost dead senses!

    When fears about our Future haunts us, constant overthinking and tension makes us insane, no solutions about what life will be in future, how will we manage all stuffs, whether we will be able to fulfill our responsibilities or not? These kinda things makes us restless, with heavy heart and unbearable pain.But then, this Pain only pushes us forward, leaving us with confidence and hopes, that we can make our future better and beautiful with hardwork and by putting in efforts to overcome all Problems of life. That willingness to change our distorted situation of present to a crystal clear bright future - is gifted to us, by our Pain!

    Happiness, Love, Joy, Pleasure, every such jolly, merry emotions, directly or indirectly attracts us, towards this World - A Disguised Satan At Last. This beguiled world ruins us so easily at last. We are so much absorbed and diluted with Immorality by this World, that least we realise, how being tempted by worldly happiness and fun, we commit heinous sins and misdeeds with every breathe we inhale and exhale!

    But Pain - on the other side,
    Takes us in the holy pious court of our Lord. It nears us, to our Almighty Creator. We remember HIM, when Pain peeks in our life. We ask for his mercy, We admit all our sins asking for HIS forgiveness. Those hands and legs who are always busy in worldly affairs, land on praying mat, when in need of being saved. We - The Egoistic Humans, bows down being humble in Prayers, seeking some answers and removal of Pain from our life, making our faith more firm and pure.
    Does not this Pain makes us a better Creation then?
    Does not this Pain makes us a Pure Soul then?
    Does not this Pain, becomes a bridge, connecting us with our Lord then?

    If some things are accepted, it makes life easier at times.
    Our Pain is just a Test of this life, not a single soul is here, who is does not have any sort of Pain. One should not think, that only they are being tested!
    No, each of us, will have to go through this test of life.
    It will make you stronger, so strong, that no one will ever be able to break you, because so patiently, so courageously you had survived the most difficult phases of life. Pain will make you a Better Version of yourself, who will be a Perfect Balance of Practical and Emotional being. Pain will sort your life, once you will accept it!

    The Journey of life was started by Pain,
    This journey will end with Pain...
    The first cry of Pain - when we were born, that pain was of leaving our most Safest abode - Our Mother's Womb!
    The last drop of tear, which will flow from our left eye, at time of death, will be of pain again, Pain of mistaking this Temporary World, as our Permanent Final Destination! And being Misguided by it throughout our life!
    Does this Pain is not Beautiful?
    When it helps us to reach to our Lord's Nation!
    When it opens our soul's eyes to truth, the moment we will close our eyes in this world!

    Accept and Embrace all your Pains with love.
    Trust me, they won't be so harsh with you then!
    At last, Pain is Loveable,
    Yeah, Pain is way too Beautiful. ����



    May Allah bless us all.

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