• ishu__15 22w


    The soreness in my eyes is all that has to be said
    Sometimes I know I'm better off dead
    The pain is the only thing I can feel
    Knowing it's the one thing that's real
    Behind all the games and lies
    An emptiness haunts my eyes
    A person who I used to be
    Worse even though it wasn't me
    Sorrow consuming every thought
    Slowly losing everything I've got
    Darkness closing in all around 
    Still I don't make a single sound
    Evil fills the void inside
    This life's not one I'll confide
    However deeper someone tries to look
    Whatever happens the ground has shook
    The dread and hate leaves me in a daze
    All around me demons fires blaze
    Living isn't worthwhile if its torture
    Yet it's that to which I'm not sure
    Don't try to understand the words written here
    For I'm not the one to fear