• aiswaryarao 30w

    She is the woman
    Of the past and present;
    Or should it be,
    She should be the woman?
    Cos she is defined by others.

    Who is she?
    She is an abstract entity.
    A catalyst;
    That alters itself,
    But never finds a place in the reaction.

    Who is she?
    She is celebrated as a wife,
    A mother, a daughter;
    Everywhere talked of
    For her adaptability.

    "Does she speak softly?"
    "Does she travel alone?"
    "Does she go out during the night?"
    "Does she wear traditional clothes?"
    People talk of her.

    She should be a good wife;
    Looking after her husband,
    Altering her own needs
    To match her husband's.
    She should be a good mother;
    Caring for her children,
    Changing her priorities,
    To match her children's.

    She is the woman
    Of the past;
    Who never lives for her.
    Of the present;
    Who is still in a dilemma.
    But the future holds,
    The time yet to come
    With infinite folds.