• snickers 6w

    Had there been occasions when I seemed a bit too incoherent ? I don't seem to speak the Social fluently, now. Did it seem a tad too much cringey when I said that?

    You dismissed my attempt to reconcile. I barely succeeded in pointing out my desire to more than just worry about your well-being. I desired to care, and not just worry, for you. I desired to bring over effortless warmth to you. I desired to be your state of peace.

    I desired for the impossible; even the smallest amount of reciprocation

    How did my desire burn me up so much, yet I'd only nourish it more ? How did my desire wreck me so much, yet bring me so much content in the thought that my happiness lied within it ?

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    there's only one thing that is impossible, but I'll take my chances anyway