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    If you obsess over whether you are making right decisions , you are basically assuming that universe will reward u ..... NO

    The universe has no fixed agenda actually!!
    Once you make the decision it will work around the decision ...... (Assumptions may lead failure)

    There is no right no wrong ....only a series of possibilities that shift with each thought ,feelings &action that you experience .

    Right &wrong are only mental construct !! 🧠🔌

    The decisions we label as right & wrong are arbitrary ..so staying stuck in such space serves nothing 😒

    Lets stop labelling the right wrong game
    &start seeing them as gateway to the experiences that will lead us further in this life✌🏻

    Choose 🤩
    And then grow 😉
    Learn 🤓
    Transform 😎
    & keep choosing 😍

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    Plz Lemme know is this making sense with the picta

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    Balancing either do or die case ❗️

    PS:- 🙂🙃
    Don’t label decisions as RIGHT & WRONG

    Dislodge from the needs for things to be “right “& embrace that it’s all a risk worth taking