• tulsiuma 31w


    I want to go home.
    I constantly complain.
    I want to sleep peacefully
    I want to be safe and warm
    Enjoy well-cooked dinner
    Spend some alone time
    Maybe curl up in my blankets
    Cherish time with family
    And laugh together heartily.


    We're constantly everywhere.
    In stores, in malls, in streets, in alleyways.
    In and out, left and right.
    Near and far.
    We'll never go home.
    We are never going home.
    Because our home is destroyed.

    But that's okay.
    As long as I have my family.
    I'll always be happy.
    I don't need shelter.
    Because we'll cover each other.
    I don't need the warmth.
    We'll warm each other.
    I don't need food.
    Because we'll find food together.
    I don't need water.
    We can go on without it.
    There'll never be nightmares
    Because we are here to comfort each other.
    Because home is where the heart is.
    And my heart is with my family.