• yoshino 5w

    Truth Untold

    My life at glance might give you pain,
    But read it and wonder how I am still sane.
    They say your childhood leaves a big print,
    There are many memories but painful one is still fresh as mint.
    Life was never good to me,
    But still my only wish was to be free.
    People's taunt followed me everywhere,
    My true self was suppressed that time which I couldn't found anywhere.
    Many times my anger was blown on someone,
    But my condition was never understood by anyone.
    I still remember those moments,
    When I had mental breakdown torments.
    People still taunt me for what they witnessed,
    But till today I couldn't explain them for what I was tensed.
    Childhood memories haunts me everyday,
    Will I able be recover someday?
    Making new friends is not my jam anymore,
    Because getting close to them make my heart tore.
    Many times I got replaced when I was of no use for them,
    But still everytime I was there for those people, ohh damn.
    Sometimes I used to cover up their mess,
    Why? Because whenever they asked for my help,
    I couldn't say no, and ended up saying yes.
    Well, life is all about experience,
    Where karma makes people to pay for their sins.
    Some might sting you like pins,
    And some might give you red skin.