• streetkrest 5w

    What I See

    This is what I see lots of public interest in faith
    Based matters and it reminds me of the bible
    Text that says in the last days God will pour out
    A hunger for him and this is evident in every post
    I see on the web from the Hebrew Israelites to
    Mention of black Christianity to the white man's
    Religion but it also says in the Bible I will pour out
    A spirit of confusion so men will seek the king but
    Will not find him .. Job tells us that when I look for
    You in the north you are at work in the south and
    When I search for you in the east you are hidden
    In the west all this is to point out to the fact that
    Before the earth was destroyed by water the first
    Time men would call on the name of the lord .. Is
    This not what I see happening in our world today