• shweta_2001_saha 6w

    I looked at myself in the mirror today
    Tears in eyes, trying not to remember why.
    I looked at myself and tried to calm down,
    Tried to remember what I set out to be.
    What was it that made me believe,
    What was it that made me remember,
    What was it that makes me who I am.
    I realised it late, but I did.
    I am not a pawn in someone's life
    Or a clown to make people laugh.
    I am me. I am not a star but I am me.
    I have a long way to go
    Lots of things to prove
    But before I do, I need to remember me again.
    The past me. The real me.
    I need to love me again.
    I don't have anyone to hold my hands and make me realise that
    But at times you don't need someone to hold your hands and make you realise your true worth.
    Because nobody can make you feel more loved than you.
    So as I looked at myself and held myself together,
    I smiled at me and made myself remember who I set out to be,
    A ray of hope, a happy soul.
    @mirakee #pick_yourself_up_from_where_you_left_off

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    Get back up again.

    I met myself today, After all those years.
    Tattered soul and teary-eyed,
    Forced a smile as I embraced myself.
    Looked at how I gradually changed,
    Into a woman I never thought I'd become.
    Succumbed to injuries as it seemed,
    But something in me revived me back to life.
    My soul was pleading me to be the real me.
    So here I am, with nothing to lose,
    Getting back up again with a little bit of hope.