• warriorpoet 5w


    I’m coming for everything. Everything they said I couldn’t have. freedom, success, and the knowing that my status in life is not tethered to my class.

    they’d spit their venom. to make me feel like the lowest form of trash.

    saying I didn’t belong as they stand above me. and as I tried, all they do is laugh. but finally after a lifetime of absorbing their wrath.

    I begin to right the fucking course. and I’m on a better path. one where I decide where it goes.

    and how long the journey lasts. I stand before the precipice. now living despite an arduous past.

    staring at a wide open world. where the possibilities are vast. and at some point I know their chides will return.

    when I begin to doubt and taste failure. within the darker recesses of my mind, they’ll amass.

    the question is will I succumb to the uncertainty? Or will I summon the courage to surpass? And prove wrong those who say, all that I’ll achieve will become as ash.