• aparnaa__periasamy 6w

    Dear 2020,

    I got you with no expectations.But you made a lot of changes in me. Made me understand who I am,you made me know how strong I am..Not only sorrows you also gave me alot of happiness as memories to be remembered for the rest of my life. I wouldn't blame you for what all happened. But I will thankyou for giving me such important lessons. I know that we are in the eve of 2020.I could never get a year like you!

    You gave me mixed up emotions. And so I stopped expecting from people and started accepting whom they are..As being the 15th year of my life,you own a special place in my heart. ..You didn't want me to go back and stay in a corner. You even presented my talents infront of the people who really wants to know what is in me!

    You even gifted me a gang of friends who are so lovely!..And finally Thankyou so much for teaching how to wear a mask happily. I would never regret for the stuffs happened..I'm really happy for what I am today!Will really miss you..

    With lots of happiness