• lumos____ 6w

    Rest In Peace

    The past year has been a Rollercoaster
    Of pure lights and nightmares
    I wanted to complain to you
    All about it My dear friend, But
    One of the nightmares turned out to be
    About how I lost you.
    I think back on that day,
    It has been a year already, hasn't it ?
    It was a day of shadows and lights
    A cruel game played my the God.
    The day,
    Light lost and the shadows scattered.
    I did not just loose a great friend
    The world lost a young voice
    A voice that could've started a revolution
    And bought world peace
    Rest in peace, my dear friend
    You were too good a soul for this world,
    For fret not,
    I will forever keep you alive
    In my thoughts.
    Every once in a while,
    I'll think of all the good times
    And smile.
    Just like you wanted me to.