• courtneec89 5w


    Feeling like your world is upside down
    Looking for which way is right but not having a clue whom is being true and honest
    Desiring to love and also be loved correctly
    Is the question of a much needed solution.
    Not understanding the meaning of ever knowing that result.
    It was never understood because it wasn't taught.
    We have controlled a habit of living what we see
    Give out what we don't understand
    And losing grip of the acknowledgement of our feelings.
    Emotions are expressed with deep opress
    And conversations are not being had about the things that matters most
    But, is it easy for us to take a toast to what is not of the norm?
    Or to exercise the non right to express the lack of freedoms that we rightfully have within us without being told?
    What does this terminology really represents?
    The question is their but the answer is not.