• himakshi2310 10w

    Cheer up lad!
    Not all the nights are same.
    Some are cheerful, blistering.
    They make you laugh, fall in love,
    Or dance under the stars.
    Others are deaf.
    You don't know yourself.
    Your purpose in the universe.
    They come, leave while you
    breathe staring at the ceiling fan.
    Some stay longer than usual
    making your heads clouded,
    hearts heavier, eyes wet.
    Your mind gets filled with so many
    nightmares during these.
    Some are sweet,
    like the dazzling lights on trees,
    You are comfortable with the
    circled aura.
    While some are so windy
    that they change at
    each, every next cup of coffee.
    There's so much of happening,
    that you don't get time to rest.
    They make you or break you afterwards.
    Some are suicidal.
    You blame yourself for every
    action in the past
    You feel helpless, restless,
    controlled by emotions.
    Life becomes unworthy.
    But don't you worry, gent!
    Alike people,
    those too shall pass!