• restricked 6w


    Life is a wonder that's always changing,
    it's bad it's good it's always rearranging.
    At times it's low you think this is worse as it gets,
    then something else happens and it's even worse yet.
    Then it all turns around and you feel on Cloud 9,
    the skies are bright and blue and the sun starts to shine.
    Life going well things are great for a bit,
    but then all at once it again turns to shit.
    Life is up it's down life goes around around, gets high is the sky and as lowest the ground. But no matter what life throws at you one thing is said to be true,
    Wherever your life takes you it's all up to you. So take hold of your life grasp it firm in your hand,
    and make your own make it all that you can.
    So please always remember and never forget,
    if your not happy with your life there is time to change it yet...