• homerword 24w

    White or black

    Which is the greatest I ask
    White or black
    Here I am, caught in this nightmare
    I find myself in the middle of nowhere
    Trying to make a path of my own
    Trying to shine the light in the dark
    I wish I have wings so I can fly up in the sky
    Oh I wish I have the speed of a cheetah
    Which is greatest I ask again!
    White or black
    You have it all yet it seems not
    We keep revolving round the circle
    That you win doesn't make you a winner
    Not quitting makes you
    The act of surviving
    A little smile can brighten the day
    A little hug can set the heart ablaze
    A little help can make a fortune
    A little courage can move a mountain
    Which is the greatest I ask!
    Which is the greatest!