• devinspina 31w

    We all godda die

    Death to the wise, the angel of death does not heed your cries,


    The reaper himself is not racist, sexist, or biased,

    We all die, and one day, 

    Someday of a different breed,

    And regardless of your creed,

    We all will bleed the same, and we all need to own blame,

    For the fame of death, is the pride of a life lived with love and not hate,

    So do chose wisely what you create, and what you leave behind,

    Because your fate is not of what we belive, or how we perceive fate,

    That's just vain and blind,

    Rather our fates, they are unknown,

    but our memmories may survive alone,

    Thus, our memmories will remain when our souls pass by,

    And our lives will be remembered by pain, hate, love, or tragedy,

    So make sure your life was worth sinking below or flying high,

    Because we all leave this earth,

    And we all godda die.