• shametoblame 5w


    I just want to grab you by the cheeks to scream at you.
    Maybe then your face will crumble.
    Maybe then your hair will shed.
    Your ears will drip the blood you poored
    Into so many hearts
    With a glance you make me mad
    With a whisper you make me heave
    I want to tear at your flesh
    And dance on your grave
    For it feels all the same
    No matter which soul you'll tame
    You'll keep coming for more
    A cloak of darkness you hide your insides
    You've let them in and now they see
    What coats you on the inside
    A silly chant won't change a thing
    Nor a tear for which you weep
    Go ahead and lie
    Then you'll die
    Like a breath in the wind
    Call a name they'll never answer
    Once you've said enough
    For your mind weak
    And tongue is slick
    Like reaper in my dreams