• paakhee_sehgal 6w

    °°She is a lively mess and a beautiful poetry at the same time °°I couldn't take my eyes off her. Moving in a hustle of the college she dropped her keys on the floor. I picked up the keys, it had a name written "Angel" and I smiled. I had no clue who she was . I went in a search for her, because the keys need to be returned. Meanwhile she might have came back in the search of her keys but she was late as i already picked them up.I went the way she did, but the way was lost, crowd,whistles, and chirping people. I asked the guards nearby,but in vain. Then i went to lost things room but there was no complain issued as such. I asked in few classroomsabout the lost key but in vain. I was breathing heavily, tired after looking for her for hours and lastly I sat on a bench near the bicycle stand, a girl came and sat beside me ,she was breathing loud and sweating i saw her and my eyes were stuck ,i moved my hand towards her and opened it, she screamed out of happiness my keys, and then sat calmly again,after a pause she said ,"it was chaos but a beautiful one" . We smiled at each other and a love story begun at the dawn.

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    Beautiful chaos

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