• nunoalem 5w

    Autumnal soul

    Her innocence taken away
    On a dark stormy night
    Now left empty, Only scars remain
    For they took away not just her body
    But her soul along.
    Death seemed more beautiful
    Than living with the stains.
    Wrists decorated with scars,
    Eyes now lifeless,
    Dreams now a shattered mess,
    Life no longer seemed promising,
    Death seemed more welcoming.
    The beautiful rest death promised
    Seemed more likely to be taken
    Than the dull life of melancholy.
    She gently whispers to Death at night
    To take her away.
    For she no longer had the will to live.
    "Take me away" whispered she.
    Wishing she could escape reality,
    The cold harsh truth of her innocence no longer existent.
    Too much to bear -
    The will to live
    Getting dimmer day by day,
    Nightmares too much to take,
    The scars too heavy to hold.
    Autumnal soul,
    Your smile the brightest
    But no one could see
    You breaking down into pieces,
    Never to be made whole again.